HXRC Developer Hub

Join the HXRC Developer Hub – shape the future of immersive technologies!

The Hub is a unique program for early-stage companies working within the realms of spatial computing, metaverse and associated technologies. It offers free work space and hardware, mentoring and networking opportunities, and a vibrant community of like-minded people to support you on your journey.

About the Developer Hub

Helsinki XR Center was created to serve as a development, service and community platform for the XR and spatial computing sector. One of the founding principles was to provide emerging companies in this space a fertile environment to grow and thrive, and reduce the early risks involved in hi-tech research and development.

Our teams consist of hardware and software developers, storytellers, interaction, game and service designers, as well as a cast of experts across a diverse set of disciplines. They create innovative solutions in various fields by utilising AR, VR, MR, metaverse, AI and similar technologies.

Two-stage development program

The HXRC Developer Hub program for early-stage companies consists of two stages:

1. A three-month trial period where the central idea of your vision is fleshed out, resulting in a demo. Can you show the skill and resolve to produce something concrete?

2. Continuation periods for three months at a time, where we set up a roadmap and development path together for the next 12 months, driven by the team, and follow up on progress at three month intervals with deadlines. The mission is to keep the team on a good track and ambitious pace while leaving room for trial and error, necessary pivoting and learning.

The teams are chosen based on need of the space and equipment, skill, dedication, and potential of the project idea.

What we offer

As a HXRC Developer Hub member you get access to amenities such as:

  • co-working spaces and meeting rooms,
  • the latest headsets and other hardware,
  • co-learning and mentoring,
  • events and networking,
  • HXRC Showroom – a state-of-the-art immersive demo space.

We offer these for free, and you retain full ownership of your company and product(s).

What we expect from you

Dedication – show that you care about what you do by devoting your time to the project and by meeting the goals that you set.

Participation – we want you to show up and make most of the events and facilities that are made available to you.

Engagement – stay committed to the best practices and communication channels of the hub, engage with your colleagues, exchange ideas, give and receive feedback.

Initiative – present your own solutions for building the community, events, mentoring, and your work.

Open Application

Apply now for the Helsinki XR Center Developer Hub, and shape the future of immersive technologies!

Helsinki XR Center Developer Hub Teams



ARVO, HXRC hub team


Arvoitus, Helsinki XR Center Developer Hub team


Atelier Logo


Avatar's Journey, HXRC hub team

Avatar’s Journey

HXRC Hub team placeholder logo

Birth of a Bird

Cinema Vrerite logo, Developer Hub team

Cinema Vrerite

Color The Minds logo

Color The Minds

Darades logo


Deep Address logo, HXRC hub team

Deep Address

Divaco, HXRC hub team


International Sustainable Racing logo

Intercontinental Sustainable Racing

Mandatory Trainings, HXRC hub team

Mandatory Trainings

MexicoVR, HXRC developer hub team


Protocosm, HXRC hub team Prototypic's product


Stunt Track Builder, HXRC team

Stunt Track Builder

Team Ingeborg logo

Team Ingeborg

Virtual Circus

Virtual Circus

VReal, HXRC dev hub team


VRTrauma, HXRC developer hub team


Team Ingeborg logo


Helsinki XR Center Hub Alumni

Anarky Labs

Anarky Labs

AXiiO VR Studio

AXiiO VR Studio

Critical Charm

Critical Charm

Evacrity VR

Evacrity VR

Flat Earth Productions

Flat Earth Productions

Green Pixel logo, HXRC Hub team

Green Pixel

Harhama Games

Harhama Games

Path A

Path A

Radical Rabbit

Radical Rabbit



Sense of Space

Sense of Space

Skeleton Conductor

Skeleton Conductor

XR Instruments

XR Instruments

XR Instruments


Hub Team Mentors

Olli Sinerma

Senior Advisor at Business Finland


Co-founder and CSO at Teatime Research Ltd

Researcher at University of Helsinki

Board Member of FIVR

Paavo Happonen

Co-founder and Generalist Developer at Teatime Research Ltd

Jiri Koivuniemi

Entrepreneur at Visionist


Sampo Lappalainen

Manager, Technical Program Management at Amazon Robotics

Sami Heinonen

Head of Digital Transformation at Oy Brandt Ab

Samuli Jääskeläinen

Software Engineer at Varjo


Emmi Jouslehto

CEO and Co-founder of Arilyn

Antti Salminen

Senior Advisor at Business Finland

Petri Rajahalme

Founding partner at FOV Ventures

Julius Tuomisto

CEO & Founder of Delicode Ltd

Oki Tåg

Startup Business Development Advisor

Henrik Keinonen

Partnership, Gaming and XR at NewCo Helsinki / City of Helsinki

Yakir Falik

Business Development at ClassVR

Otto Laurila

CEO at Ovoro
CTO at Arilyn