XR Design Degree Program at Metropolia UAS

On the same floor, right next to Helsinki XR Center, are the study facilities of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences XR Design education program.

Right from the beginning, XR Design students have been an active and essential part of Helsinki XR Center’s (HXRC) projects and happenings. Helsinki XR Center and the staff and students of XR Design work very closely together, and together we have formed an XR community at Metropolia UAS’s Culture Campus in Arabia, Helsinki.

XR Design is one of Metropolia UAS’s Bachelor’s Degree Programmes in Design. On this page you can find further information and links about the XR Design Degree, and how to apply for the education programme.

XR Design studies

XR Design students study interactive AR and VR application design and production using 3D graphics and game engines. Both XR technology and XR content creation are taught. Courses on photography, 2D graphics, traditional art and visual design are also included in curriculum.

After the XR Design studies the students are able to work in many areas of visual and application production, such as product and architectural visualization, game and simulation production, virtual set design, health technology or science visualisation.

A Bachelor’s Degree in XR Design can be obtained through full-time study in the daytime. The language of instruction in the degree programme is Finnish, but some courses will be taught in English in the spring term for the benefit of exchange students.

The teaching takes place in Arabia Campus – Helsinki, Finland.

Contact Information:

Markku Luotonen

XR Design Degree Programme in short:

  • Degree title: Bachelor of Design
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Extent: 240 ects credits
  • Study places: 20

Further information about XR Design Degree:

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Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, educates the professionals of tomorrow in the fields of Business, Culture, Health care and Social services, and Technology.

Metropolia’s Arabia Culture Campus is a vibrant urban arena for ideas and stories. The campus attracts creative minds from diverse cultural fields, continuing the district’s long tradition of arts and design while boldly moving ahead in new directions.

Metropolia’s all operations of Culture and Arts were centralized in Arabia, Helsinki in 2021. Metropolia will serve an important role in contributing and profiling area as Helsinki’s heart of creative arts.

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Metropolia University of Applied Sciences' Arabia Campus, where XR Design Degree is located