Helsinki XR Center participates in a large number of XR projects, preparations, funding applications, and consultations on external projects annually. We conduct original research together with Metropolia, do R&D projects with companies, and offer thesis and traineeship possibilities to students.

As one of our main activities we take part in a larger number of research, development and innovation (RDI) projects in the field of XR (virtual, augmented and mixed reality). These can be research projects funded by either national or international instruments, product development and cooperation with companies, or smaller scale student projects. Majority of these are done under the banner of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, as we are officially part of their RDI team.

During our first years of existence, some of the most interesting topics have been virtual reality (VR) use in healthcare training, virtual event platforms and virtual humans.

For more information about our projects and project collaboration possibilities, please contact our XR Technology Expert Santeri Saarinen (santeri.saarinen(at)

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Highlights of Current Projects & Collaborations

Virtual Nature

A screenshot of Match XR 2020 event at the VR Pavilion Finland virtual venue. One big screen and two smaller screens are used for presenting and virtual avatars are watching. The "evening sun" has coloured everything purple.
  • TIME SPAN: 9/2023–8/2025
  • SCOPE: Finnish
  • FIELDS: XR, Tourism, Nature

Virtual Nature project (Digitalisaatio ja asiantuntijayhteistyö kestävän luontomatkailun edistäjänä – Digitization and expert cooperation as a promoter of sustainable nature tourism) aims to use new technology to develop virtual nature tourism and the related experience economy.


A snowy scene from Lumi Accessories game, created for Future Touchless Shop.
  • TIME SPAN: 1/2024 – 6/2026
  • SCOPE: Finnish
  • FIELDS: Monetisation, Blockchain, VR, Metaverse, Creative Sector

The “LUME Web3 – Creatives in Web3 Age” project engages metaverses and blockchain technologies to develop new earning and working models in the creative industries, by building digital competencies, enhancing web3 education, and addressing challenges such as the application of blockchain in digital culture sales and community activation in virtual realities.


A snowy scene from Lumi Accessories game, created for Future Touchless Shop.
  • TIME SPAN: 9/2022 – 8/2025
  • SCOPE: International
  • FIELDS: Collaboration, Education, XR

SKILLBILL seeks to raise awareness and the level of education among academia, industry, decision-makers and civil society on the urgent need decarbonize our societies through extensive deployment of renewable energy sources (RES).

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