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In post-cinema time, creators have been pushing boundaries of ambient storytelling, using advanced hardware to create immersive experiences for their audience. Immersive embodied experiences are quickly expanding to consumer culture with the wake of Metaverse. Memoryscape is led by the visual digital artist Adnan Mirza, who seeks to create experiences that are otherwise not possible in the real world. Mirza’s previous work has dealt with the idea of home and place. In his recent work he juxtaposes the heritage sites of the places he has lived in along with their atmospherics and transports the viewer in his chosen memories by employing fragmented visuals.

Memoryscape is an endeavor which sonically visualizes the personal memories using the medium that best suits the idea of its very essence for its maker. Disintegrating visuals spread around throughout the void. This piece manifests an interactive project in which the viewer is able to rotate the camera around and grasp the surroundings. Stylized yet minimal fragments of places summon remembrance of the things past. Whether it’s about the heritage neighborhood and the shopping experience of the artist in bazaar culture inside the old walled city of Lahore, quiet walks in Finnish forests or a stroll through the iconic Senate Square of Helsinki during the Christmas season on cold and slushy winter nights, distance between these places in the real world embrace thousands of kilometers whereas fragments of their reminiscence co-exist virtually together in this portrayal of memories.

Divaco, HXRC hub team


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