XR Research Indexes

XR Research Indexes by Helsinki XR Center is a compilation of various indexes that include data that is related to Finnish XR research. These indexes are designed to help people to find relevant research data and possible partners for cooperation in XR related projects.

A virtual reality headset, a laptop and a phone on a table in front of a window with a view to a playground surrounded with trees.

XR Research Publication Index

The XR Research Publication Index gathers research articles which include authors from Finnish universities and research organizations.

Helsinki XR Center's hub teams demonstrating their VR solutions.

XR Project Index

The XR Project Index lists XR related projects from Finnish educational institutions and research organizations.

A roadshow VR stand in a large convention area, with people trying out headsets.

XR Research Group Index

The XR Research Group Index is a catalogue of research groups, labs and studios from Finnish universities and research organizations.