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HappiByte’s vision is to help people deal with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, phobias and burnout.

There is a huge shortage of certified mental health professionals globally. So, the long queues in public health system and high costs of private health care makes it not very accessible to everyone.

HappiByte has a solution that can scale globally and provide quick access to mental healthcare in a cost-efficient way. They use technologies like AI and VR to provide a platform that cuts across mobile, web and smart devices to make it easy for people to access mental health services.

HappiByte’s NLP-based chatbot that is available 24×7 and uses clinically tested tools for personalised attention.

Virtual reality therapy has shown good results in addressing anxiety, phobias and PTSD. HappiByte creates immersive VR environments to help people confront and address their anxieties in a controlled setting.

Besides VR and AI, there is also an online marketplace for certified professionals using audio/visual technologies to provide that huam connect when one needs it.