About Helsinki XR Center

Helsinki XR Center, the home of Extended Realities, is an incubator for talent, a cultural hub for co-creation and learning for all XR artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, students and enthusiasts in the field of virtual and augmented reality. 

Helsinki XR Center opened its doors in early 2019, and after that, we have had the honour to collaborate with as many as 22 learning institutions and over 75 companies, offer working space, equipment and mentoring to over 25 developer hub teams, show our HXRC Showroom to over 1000 visitors, as well as produce dozens of XR events.

HXRC aims to become the largest innovation, development and startup center in the Nordics dedicated to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies.

Our mission is to continue the ambassador work in the field of Finnish XR.

Helsinki XR Center is located in Arabia, Helsinki, right next to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ Creative Campus.

The center is operated by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. It works in close cooperation with Finnish Virtual Reality Association FIVR, and is powered by the City of Helsinki.

Helsinki XR Center hub

Helsinki XR Center’s developer hub is designed to support early stage XR teams in Finland by providing access to crucial developer resources, knowledge and community.

Teams retain complete ownership of their intellectual properties while receiving free office space and shared equipment, such as computers and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, but also mentoring, business coaching, contacts, and access to events.




  • XR means Extended Reality, an umbrella term for technologies that create, augment and merge digital elements with physical space. They are also known as immersive technologies.
  • XR consists of VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality).

Helsinki XR Center team

Our HXRC Team is an innovative, inspiring group of talented people of researchers, technology specialists, start-up experts, hub masters, ecosystem pundits, project lead professionals, event producers, social media pros and amazing advisors.

Are you interested in co-operating with us?  Our team would love to help you find the best way to meet and work together!

Check out our services and contact us via email info(at)helsinkixrcenter.com, or see each team member's contact info below!

Tiina Vuorio

Tiina Vuorio

Team Lead

tiina.vuorio (at) helsinkixrcenter.com
+358 50 523 8819

Santeri Suominen


XR Curator

Contents, Hub & Ecosystem

santeri.suominen (at) helsinkixrcenter.com
+358 44 509 0392

Santeri Saarinen, XR Technology Expert at Helsinki XR Center

SANTERI Saarinen

Technology Expert

R&D Projects

santeri.saarinen (at) helsinkixrcenter.com
+358 40 141 2553

Janina Rannikko


Data Curator

Academic Relations & Research Database

janina.rannikko (at) helsinkixrcenter.com
+358 40 621 2236

Essi Leivo

Essi Leivo

Events & Collaboration Specialist

essi.leivo (at) helsinkixrcenter.com
+358 50 343 8223

Mira Simsiö


Marketing & Service Coordinator

mira.simsio (at) helsinkixrcenter.com
+358 40 663 2329

Kira Vesikko

Kira Vesikko

Communications Specialist

kira.vesikko (at) helsinkixrcenter.com
+358 50 567 9238

Mikko Höök, Technology Expert at HXRC

Mikko Höök

Technology Expert

mikko.hook (at) helsinkixrcenter.com

Helsinki XR Center Advisors

Antti Laurikainen

Antti Laurikainen

XR Advisor

Metropolia Univeristy of Applied Sciences

antti.laurikainen (at) helsinkixrcenter.com

Aleksis Karme

Aleksis Karme

XR Advisor

FIVR – Finnish Virtual Reality Association

aleksis.karme (at) helsinkixrcenter.com