Avatar’s Journey

Avatar's Journey, HXRC hub team

Avatar’s Journey produces transformative VR experiences. At the moment, we are distributing a cinematic theater game Love Simulation EVE and a two-player VR installation Water Spirits. We have also started to prepare for upcoming production of Love Simulation EVE – The Losts Songs, premiering in 2026.

Avatar Journey is founded by a Finnish XR experience Eero Tiainen, whose approach combines metaphysical world-building and transpersonal psychology with intimate play. His latest creations are the cinematic VR play Love Simulation EVE (co-production with The International Theatre of Finland) and the two-player VR installation Water Spirits (co-production with Espoo Museum of Modern Art).

Tiainen has worked as a director of Embrace – XR Art Festival in Helsinki and in Aalto University’s VR research groups. His earlier works include immersive theatre and VR-experience It Runs In Blood, interactive installation Northern Shadows and room escape game Heartbroken House. Tiainen helps to build XR-ecosystems in the board of directors in Finnish Virtual Reality Association FIVR.

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