Stunt Track Builder

Stunt Track Builder, HXRC team

Stunt Track Builder is a physic-simulation game about building your own over-the-top stunt tracks with realistic toy-car physics.

Build the stunt tracks of your dream, all in VR. Available for free on the Meta Quest 1 & 2 and the Qiyu VR headset.

Stunt track builder is a solo project, created by Le Pham Minh Duc, a master graduate from University of Jyväskylä, currently living and working in Helsinki. The studio name Lemon Chihuahua is inspired by his cute little chihuahua dog, Lemon.

The goal of Stunt Track Builder in Helsinki XR Center is to eventually release a full 1.0 version in summer 2023, with improved graphics, more game modes and contents, as well as other useful feedbacks gathered from HXRC.


Le Pham Minh Duc – trackbuildervr (at) gmail (dot) com