Team Ingeborg

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Members of Team Ingeborg on a stage.

Team Ingeborg is creating a gamified VR learning experience for the Finnish National Museum.

We are currently producing a virtual reality experience for the Finnish National Museum. The team won a Hack-Art-On held by Embrace XR, where competitors had to design an XR related concept for the museum.

In the experience, the player meets Ingeborg as an enormous living statue and tries to earn her trust by carrying out tasks set by her, all the while learning about her and her time period. Ingeborg was a military commander in Häme Castle in the 16th century and the game environment is based on the castle’s artillery room. We are using motion capture and professional actors to bring Ingeborg to life. Our goal is to let the world know about this female military commander of Häme Castle.

The final product will be exhibited in the Finnish National Museum at the end of 2022.

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