The Helsinki Blockchain Center

The Helsinki Blockchain Center (HBC) is the leading Finnish hub for blockchain innovation, fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the responsible advancement of this transformative technology.

We serve startups who want to grow and get access to market and Enterprises who want to implement blockchain technology, and our focus areas are blockchain and web3-related companies, education, sustainability, compliance, and health tech.

The Helsinki Blockchain Center offers:

  • Educational resources and events
  • Network building and partnership facilitation
  • Blockchain project incubation/advisory
  • Thought leadership in the Finnish blockchain space
  • Team building and recruitment


Divaco, HXRC hub team

Out team comprises a diverse and growing community consisting of:

Blockchain startup entrepreneurs:

  • Jussi Simolin: help all kinds of people participate in decision-making about them through appreciative and respectful interaction and digital means.
  • Keir Finlow-Bates: Blockchain Gandalf, walk through the woods talking about blockchain.
  • Garry Normoyle: Start-up entrepreneur, Web 3 Enthusiast, Designer, Sales and Mentor.
  • Luke Ming Xiang: An active practicer across Web 2 and Web 3, with Metaverse and AI Development for MarTech.
  • Mahdi Farimani: Web3 Enthusiast, Product Manager and startup entrepreneur.
  • Markus Lehtonen: Chief Executive Officer at Helsinki Blockchain Center.

Tech enthusiasts and developers:

  • Wilfred Oliver Antwi: Business Intelligence | Marketing & Sales | Blockchain, CRM, & UX Research | E-commerce | MA, MBA.
  • Anastasia Gurzhi: Junior Researcher (Software Engineering) | LUT School of Engineering Science.

Corporate innovators:

  • Timu Kaleva: M.Sc., Visionary Thinker, Renaissance Technologist, Author, Broadcast Specialist, Artist.
  • Reidar Wasenius: Voice, Personal Brainer and CCO at Breaks Finland Ltd.

Investors (VCs, Angels focused on Web3):

  • Roberta Robin Gilardi: CEO at G2 Startups | CEO at G-Gravity | #90DaysFinn | TEDx Speaker | Business Coach Certified Eu H2020 (EX2017D305613) | Innovation Manager MISE.

Academics & researchers:

  • Sowelu Avanzo: PhD Student in Computer Science at the University of Torino.
  • Alex Norta: Researcher and entrepreneur.


Join the Helsinki Blockchain Center to:

Access to a network of industry leaders and mentors.

Stay informed about cutting-edge blockchain developments.

Collaborate on projects shaping the future.

Contribute to making Finland a global blockchain leader.

Join Our Community on Telegram, and visit our Digital HQ on Spatial virtual world!


Email: m.farimany(at)

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