Welcome to Helsinki XR Center – the Home of Extended Reality!

Helsinki XR Center is a leading XR hub in Europe that connects startups, industries, innovators, students, professionals and investors for co-creation, new business, and talent building.

Helsinki XR Center developer hub


Helsinki XR Center’s developer hub offers shared workspace, equipment, co-learning and mentoring for teams in their early phase of VR, AR & MR development. Get to know our beloved hub teams and read more about our operations!

Helsinki XR Center services


We offer various services for companies and other organizations, as well as XR startups. Read more about our virtual venue, HXRC Showroom, XR workshops and other services and facilities, and book an appointment now!

Helsinki XR Center projects


We participate in a large number of XR projects, preparations, funding applications, and consultations on external projects annually. Take a look at some of our project highlights, and contact us for project collaboration!

Helsinki XR Center events


We actively arrange different kinds of get-togethers, workshops, showcases and other XR events for XR developers, artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, students and enthusiasts in Finland and all around the world.



Summer Fest with HXRC & FIVR: Empowering Growth in XR

Summer Fest with HXRC & FIVR: Empowering Growth in XR

8 June 2023 | Helsinki XR Center and FIVR (Finnish Virtual Reality Association) invite all XR enthusiasts for a lovely summer meetup at the Helsinki XR Center premises on 8 June 2023 from 5 pm to 8 pm. As summer is the season of growth and prosperity, the theme of the event is “growth”. The evening consists of speeches, XR demos and, of course, food and drinks!

Helsinki XR Center is operated by

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Helsinki XR Center’s Partners

Finnish Virtual Reality Association
Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council
City of Helsinki