VRTrauma, HXRC developer hub team

VRTrauma offers virtual trauma care to enhance learning to treat severely injured patients.

We give the user an immersive experience of how to deal with life-threatening conditions. VRTrauma allows learning trauma care with a hands-on approach in a VR environment. Our solution allows for transferring know-how between countries and specialties. We offer scenarios based on real-life experiences. 


Jussi Kosola – CEO – [email protected]

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VRTrauma elsewhere

Website: vrtrauma.com

VRTrauma Team

Lauri Halonen from VRTrauma

Lauri Halonen

  • MD, surgeon – orthopedic and traumatology
  • European Trauma Course (ETC) full instructor
  • Finnish Trauma Association, Member of Board
  • Trauma surgery fellow – Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Department Chief Surgeon, South Karelia Central Hospital
Timo Laihinen from VRTrauma

Timo Laihinen

  • MD, consultant – orthopedic and traumatology
  • Surgeon at surgical trauma team, Finnish Defence Forces
  • Multilinguist
    • Finnish: native,
    • Russian: native,
    • English: excellent,
    • German: good,
    • Swedish: good
Jussi Kosola from VRTrauma

Jussi Kosola

  • MD, surgeon – orthopedic and traumatology
  • Startup background
  • PhD, clinical teacher, title of docent
  • Over 35 peer-reviewed articles published in international journals