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Two team members of Sound x Vision start-up presenting their idea for Shark Tank referees

SoundxVision – Interactive Wearables for Effortless XR Experiences.

SoundxVision is a hardware company specialising in smart rings designed to facilitate seamless interactions with XR devices. Our mission is to bring back the ease of use found in smartphones to XR and spatial computing devices.

The smart ring responds to current interaction modalities (such as hand tracking) in XR, which are cumbersome, and is inspired by fantasies from sci-fi movies like “Minority Report” or “Iron Man”. While the interactions in these movies look cool, they neglect the accessibility aspect of human-computer interaction. For example, users should not have to hover their hands in the air for an extended period, as depicted in those movies. Our mission is simple: to reintroduce familiar gestures from smartphone usage for interacting with XR devices or future forms of computers, thus makes XR more intuitive and engaging. To achieve this, we are developing a ring that can be worn daily, complementing XR devices such as headsets and glasses.

The “ring,” as we call it, is a smart ring created by SoundxVision that utilizes machine learning to recognise and learn user gestures, turning them into input for XR devices. It can also assist users with limited accessibility to interact with electronic devices (not only XR devices) using their desired gestures.


Our founding team includes:

Phuoc Trinh: Project lead, who has been working on this idea since his university days three years ago. He also worked at OpenAR, a project to create open-source AR glasses at affordable price.

Dipanjan Das: Business developer with experience in XR research and business for 7 years.

Our team also includes a designer and engineer, and we are currently looking to expand.


SoundxVision website

Phuoc Trinh – Project Lead – [email protected]
Dipanjan Das – Business Developer – [email protected]

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