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Wright & Co is led by the media artist and film director Timo Wright, who wants to redefine what documentary storytelling could be. Wright has over two decades of experience in the film industry. His works have been displayed in numerous festivals and exhibitions both in Finland and around the world. Wright’s filmography includes a range of works from experimental to more conventional films, covering genres such as documentaries and fiction.

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Currently Wright & Co is working on “open world” virtual reality documentaries, in which the viewer can move around 3D -captured worlds and meet the film’s protagonists. It is like a open world computer game, except everything around you is real.
Our first film Everyday Vrealties lets the viewer walk freely inside nine 3D -captured homes and see everyday events hapening around them. In our second film Fukushima: The Home That Once Was the viewer can access the abandoned towns inside the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident’s Exlusion Zone. There the viewer meets the film’s protagonists who share their stories and experiences of their connection to the land, of the importance of memories and of the loss of home.

Wright & Co is also part of StoryDrops, the “Pokemon Go of audio content”. StoryDrops is a social media app, where anyone can create audio “drops”. These drops can be listened only at selected real-world locations. Drops can be e.g. a true-crime story, which you listen to where everything happened, an unreleased song by your favourite artist, hidden away on a remote beach, or a treasure hunt for your kids. StoryDrops was launched in 2023 and won second prize in the ThinkInk media innovation competition by Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland.



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