XR Services

We offer various services for organizations, XR companies, startups and individuals. Read more about XR Workshops, HXRC Showroom excursions, special facilities, and other services via the links below!

People at Helsinki XR Center's XR Workshop, one of the XR Services

XR Workshops

Experience different VR & AR solutions on the latest devices and headsets and brainstorm new ideas with your colleagues at Helsinki XR Center’s various XR Workshops.

Helsinki XR Center's HXRC Showroom in action, one of Helsinki XR Center's services

HXRC Showroom excursions

Visit the HXRC Showroom to test state-of-the-art XR devices, experience applications of different fields and industries, and get a front row view of Finnish XR expertise.

A virtual reality headset, a laptop and a phone on a table in front of a window with a view to a playground surrounded with trees.

XR Research Indexes

Helsinki XR Center collects various data from the XR field in Finland, such as XR research publications and groups working with XR.

People at Helsinki XR Center's XR Workshop, one of the XR Services

Special Facilities

Helsinki XR Center offers services related to special high-tech facilities. These include photography, motion capture, multi-camera and green screen studios.

VR Pavilion Finland virtual venue shot from a distance

Startup Services

Helsinki XR Center offers mentoring and coaching for teams, companies and individuals in their early phase of development of VR, AR and MR projects.