Special facilities & venues for XR startups and young companies

Metropolia Creative Campus offers special facilities via Helsinki XR Center. These services include event venues and various studios with high tech equipment for startups and young companies to boost their XR development.

As Helsinki XR Center is operated by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and is located in the heart of the university’s Creative Campus in Arabia, Helsinki, we have the possibility to use and offer amazing state-of-the-art equipment and facilities of the university and it’s various XR related study programmes.

Below you can find all the available special facilities, such as various studios, that are perfect for XR development.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about these special facilities! Send us an email to: info(at)helsinkixrcenter.com

Facilities for XR development & events

Motion Capture studio for XR development

Green Screen & MultiCam Studios

If you represent a XR or a gaming company you can reserve a professional 1-day setup of Green Screen / MultiCam Studio via us. Green background fabrics for walls and floor are movable and adjustable.

Green Screen Studio services are provided by Live Performance Technology Degree programme, Metropolia Arabia Campus area, Hämeentie 161.

Please contact us for more information about the studio specifics and pricing.

Contact: valo(at)metropolia.fi

Photography studio, one of Helsinki XR Center's special facilities to XR development

Photography Studios

For XR startups and gaming companies, you can now book a Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ Photography Studios through us.

We have three separate, spacious and versatile studios in the heart of Helsinki, in Arabia, with the possibility to rent additional equipment. In the Metropolia studio, you can for example shoot portraits and products. The studio also has a small green screen fabric, and is suitable for 10 people at a time.

Photography Studio services are provided by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ Visual Communication Design Degree Programme, Hämeentie 135 D.

More information about the studio specifics and pricing here.

Contact: valo(at)metropolia.fi

Motion Capture studio

If you represent a XR or gaming company, you can reserve a professional, 1-day setup of Motion Capture Studio via us.

Prices include the studio technician and student assistants.

MoCap Studio services are provided by 3D animation degree programme, that is located in Metropolia Arabia Campus area, in Hämeentie 161.

More information here.

Contact: peke.huuhtanen(at)metropolia.fi

Event Hall at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences' Arabia campus.

Event Halls

Are you a startup or a young company? Looking for a venue for your events? Arranging a larger business meeting or a seminar?

You can now book Metropolia UAS Culture Campus Event Halls through us. The Event Halls are suitable for hosting meetings of many shapes and sizes. Two separate venues, holding 60 people each, are located at Hämeentie 135 D, at Metropolia’s Arabia Campus. When needed, you can also get food and drinks organized through our campus restaurant Luova.

Billing always comes from full hours.

More information about the Event Halls specifics and pricing here.

Metropolia also offers several other facilities for rent, including conference rooms, teaching facilities, multiple studio spaces and other special facilities throughout Metropolia’s four campuses in the metropolitan area.

Contact: tilavuokraus(at)metropolia.fi