The XR Research Publication Index by the Helsinki XR Center gathers research articles that include authors from Finnish universities and research organizations.

The XR Research Publication Index is a catalogue of Finnish extended reality research items. In particular, it is intended to be used as a tool for finding publications related to XR field for the purposes of research, development, knowledge gathering, cooperation search, and data collection. In addition, we hope that people will find relevant research results, possible project partners, as well as as gain an understanding of the vast extended reality research potential that we have in Finland.

The index includes A1 research articles, conference proceedings publications, research reports and book chapters. With the search option you can find specific words contained in the cells. You can also sort the index in alphabetical order by the different columns by pressing the title cell.


The XR Publication Index consists of article titles, author names, and publication years. In addition, a DOI link or, in some cases, another link is provided with the title cell.

Please note that many of the articles are not open access because of journal guidelines. However, you can try to find other links provided by the authors on the web to obtain a free copy of the article. Furthermore, you can contact the authors to ask for a copy. We may also have some copies of the articles in the Helsinki XR Center.

If  you can not find your article or any other relevant article in the index, but want it to be included, please contact info(at) or fill a short e-lomake form.

XR Research Publication Index

Last updated on 13.07.2023

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