The XR Project Index by Helsinki XR Center is a list of XR related projects from educational organizations and research institutions in Finland.

The XR Project Index by Helsinki XR Center gathers projects from the Finnish XR field. This catalogue is intended to be used as a tool to find relevant research project in the field of extended reality, such as virtual or augmented reality, for the purposes of gathering knowledge, cooperation and collaboration.

The index consists of the following: name of the project, universities or organizations the projects are affiliated with, active years, as well as short description of the project. In addition, the name cell includes links to the home pages or other most relevant pages of the projects. You can use the search option to find specific words contained in any of the cells. You can also sort the index in alphabetical order by the different columns by pressing the title cell.


The project list is ever-changing, with new projects starting time to time, and old ones finishing. Thus, if you notice any missing or incorrect information in the list, please contact us. The information in this index being up to date and correct helps the whole XR community in Finland – and hopefully also internationally.

The projects included in the index can be strictly XR focused or they may only touch on XR in a minor way. We also want to record already finished projects, thus the index includes active years of the project.

If you notice that the index does not include some relevant projects or has flaws, please contact info(at) or fill a short e-lomake form.

XR Project Index


Last updated on 23.01.2024

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