Meet the HXRC team: Essi Leivo

Jun 11, 2021

Meet Essi Leivo, the Events and Collaboration Specialist at Helsinki XR Center! Essi is in charge of events such as Match XR, and coordinates industry collaboration.

Essi Leivo, Event & Collaboration Specialist at Helsinki XR Center, laughing heartwarmingly.

I’m Essi Leivo and I started working as an Event & Collaboration Specialist at Helsinki XR Center in May 2021. That means that I will be in charge of, obviously, HXRC’s events and collaboration! I am organizing a couple of smaller events, but the next big thing will be Match XR 2021, held in autumn, the planning for which is already in full swing.

My favourite thing about HXRC is its desire to support and develop the XR scene in Finland. All my colleagues are motivated, and always ready to try out new ideas. I tell you – they are getting things done, and they’re awesome people, too!

My background is in event production. I’ve coordinated hundreds of events over the past years: from small to big, from corporate events to concerts and parties. Match XR is HXRC’s crown jewel, so there’s no pressure on me at all.. argh! 😃

Match XR will surely work out though! I might not have a motto, but I do like saying: “Shit happens!” Because shit always happens. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but it always teaches you something.

When I am not at work, I’m wandering in the forest with my dog, or building Lego sets with my son. Both are great fun!

I have a dream of seeing The Killers performing in Las Vegas. I’m a huge The Killers fan and I’ve already seen them perform live three times! But it would be awesome to see them in Las Vegas, since that’s where they’re originally from.

I also dream of winning the lottery so I could start my own arcade business… I guess this dream might take some time, since I don’t gamble! 😉

Contact Information

E-mail: essi.leivo (at)

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