King’s Road Renascence

The goal of King’s Road Renascence is to improve business around the historic King’s Road using new, digital solutions.

A fishing hut viewed inside a 360-degree photo program.
  • STATUS: Active
  • TIME SPAN: 01/2021 – 11/2022
  • FUNDED BY: European Union
  • OUR ROLE: Partner
  • SCOPE: International
  • FIELDS: XR, Tourism, Culture

Improving competitiveness of SMEs and attractiveness of the cross-border region by developing King’s Road’s ecosystem and offering new digital tools.

Project goals

– To improve the competitiveness and competence, to identify new business opportunities for SMEs related to the project theme.

– To increase awareness and attractiveness of King’s Road among companies, tourism sector and users; to improve cross-border cooperation in King’s Road regions.

– To improve and modernize existing King’s Road ecosystem and cooperation conditions; to develop new methods and digital tools for preserving and enhancing experiences of common historical heritage as a base for cooperation of business and social societies.

Expected results

– Better competitiveness, capacity and competences of SMEs operating in the King’s Road area due to increased awareness and attractiveness of the area for start-ups, investors and customers.

– The model of effective functional King’s Road ecosystem modernized in close cooperation with regional authorities, business and cultural stakeholders.

– Methods and digital solutions for enhancing the potential of sustainable business collaboration and preserving the shared historical heritage have been developed, tested and evaluated. Efforts to reach a new dimension of the whole King’s Road ecosystem have been enhanced and the possibilities and competences of using technology for business, tourists and public and regional organizations are expanded.

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