Meet the HXRC team: Tiina Vuorio

Aug 19, 2019

Meet Tiina Vuorio, HXRC’s Operations Lead. Tiina acted as a founder of HXRC and now leads the whole operation.

Tiina Vuorio, HXRC Operations Lead.

A few years ago I came up with an idea of setting up a new XR hub in Helsinki for new immersive technologies, talents, research and startups. Now it is becoming true in Helsinki Arabianranta area, in the middle of creative district of Helsinki.

With an awesome community of top professionals, fun and inspiring people, we have started a journey to become a leading XR hub in Europe within next couple of years. As a project lead for HXRC, I am responsible of building up a sustainable, long term operation model for HXRC, that also benefits the whole XR industry in Finland.

My background comes from tech industry, where I have worked most of my life, from large global technology companies to startups, in roles like marketing leadership, business development and entrepreneurship. I suppose I´m kind of a pioneer in my heart that loves new ideas and going for the path not created yet, but also want to keep my feet grounded since I believe ideas are nothing unless executed. I am endlessly curious of new things, tech and people, while also enjoying a peaceful life in Munkkiniemi district with cafes, books and dog walks.

Future plans? Since I strongly dislike dark winters in Finland, the next step might be to set up a XR Center Hub in southern Spain. How would that sound?


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