Meet the HXRC team: Santeri Suominen

Jul 2, 2019

Meet Santeri Suominen, HXRC’s XR Curator. His responsibility is finding and showcasing the best XR content, and building connections.

Santeri Suominen, HXRC's XR Curator.

I work as the XR Curator at Helsinki XR Center. This means I am responsible for finding, collecting, organising and presenting top notch Finnish XR content at our showroom and introduce the makers to all relevant interest groups interested in the field. A great deal of what I do is to fill the gaps between technology, society and personal experience to help understand the role VR and AR will play in the future of work, art and learning.

As I am devoted to lifelong discovery, openness and learning, the best aspect of my work is its challenging versatility. Whether it is operating XR hardware, experiencing and analysing software as art, entertainment or utility, arranging events, meeting developers, pondering business possibilities or the impact of immersive media to various industries and phenomena in society, I have to sustain a readiness for learning every day. It’s not always easy but at best it’s extremely rewarding.


My background

My academic background is in aesthetics at University of Helsinki, which I thank for throwing me on a passionate crash course with art, technology and philosophy and provided me with the theoretical means of combining these in practice. Before HXRC, I worked at Rovio and FIVR during the course of my studies.

When it comes to special skills, you can bet I know every significant and insignificant Youtube video from the last ten years or so and that I can talk passionately about armchair ice hockey for hours. I love cinema and video games, although in very different ways. I’m emotionally rooted in beautifully dangerous counter cultures, especially in my current domesticated form. I would like to read and write a lot more than I currently do and I have a history of active music making that has taken a back seat in my life for now… but it shall return!


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