Meet the HXRC team: Päivi Keränen

Aug 15, 2019

Meet Päivi Keränen, HXRC’s EU Advisor. Päivi is the project manager in the international Augmented Urbans -project (Baltics).

Päivi Keränen, HXRC's EU Advisor.

As a EU Advisor my task is to follow up on what is happening on the European level, mainly in terms of funding and collaboration opportunities for HXRC. I have also participated in the DIHelp mentoring and coaching programme for scaling up the activities of aspiring European Digital Innovation Hubs. The potential with HXRC is immense with its multidisciplinary application capacity of the fast-developing XR technology.

Closest to my heart are the opportunities for urban planning and participation. My academic background is in New Media Design and Production and professionally my focus has been on seeking funding and running projects for developing designed-based participation methods. These two are also combined in my main job as the project manager of Augmented Urbans, which explores the nexus of sustainable urban development, participatory planning and XR technologies and putting these to practice in cities around the Baltic Sea.


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