Meet the HXRC team: Mira Simsiö

Jul 17, 2019

Meet Mira Simsiö, HXRC’s producer. Her responsibility is leading the event, communications and marketing team.

Mira Simsiö, HXRC producer.

From January 2019, our XR team has been launching a new center; facilities, equipment, communications, start-up teams, events, development projects, international operations and collaboration and much more. It’s been super exciting to be part of all of that! The passion, talent and strength in our team continuously motivate me to better myself as a team player and an individual.

In addition, at HXRC we are preparing events and activities for the autumn. First of all, we will put the final touches to the center so everything is ready for the Grand Opening in September.

From my perspective there was and is a lot of work building and developing HXRC brand and visual identity. Consistency is the key I keep saying. I love working especially with events, it’s like a marathon, you start slowly and every step you can feel the finish line and you’ll just keep running and pushing further. And every time the BIG day is there, I’m on fire. I guess someone could think I’m a bit perfectionist as well, however I am… proudly so 😅


My background

Something about my background – I ended up studying a cultural management after spending some time in Lapland and finding myself. On my journey I realized that art & culture, communications, marketing, multiple and various events, community art and community empowerment are close to my heart. In addition, half of my time at work, I’m working with ESF (European Social Fund) projects as a producer.

Off work I’m a scuba diver, crazy explorer – always going there and here, I enjoy sports especially my new discovery of open water swimming. My motto is: “I believe that with a positive attitude and great energy everything can be accomplished.”


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