Meet the HXRC team: Hannes Jesar

Jul 8, 2019

Meet Hannes Jesar, HXRC’s Start-up Specialist. Hannes is currently building the XR Showroom and planning the final premises of HXRC.

Hannes Jesar, HXRC's Start-up Specialist.

The best thing working in Helsinki XR Center is the fact that there are a lot of technology-based solutions that are still maturing. And while the technological solutions are maturing, I like to contemplate and thoroughly think how to turn these into commercial products or services. This viewpoint comes naturally from my background and current role where I used to co-found a company and now in past years, helping completely new entrepreneurs and startups to progress their businesses. Academically I have a completely commercial and business background.

Current task at HXRC is to build XR Showroom and see through the planning of the final premises that it really includes all the functions required.
Off work, I like to make food and eat. Moreover I enjoy watching great series by HBO and Netflix. And when I’m not watching, I do sports or play RTS or RP games.

Life plan is to live and stay in Finland and contribute to great things to the country.

Motto: “When you are All In, Impossible is Nothing.”


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