Meet the HXRC team: Antti Laurikainen

Jul 30, 2019

Meet Antti Laurikainen, HXRC’s XR Advisor. Lauri also acts as a manager for Metropolia’s RDI (Research, Development, Innovation) unit.

Meet Antti Laurikainen, HXRC's XR Advisor and RDI unit manager.

It’s super interesting to be at panoramic position overseeing what’s happening in Finnish XR business and to be able to see what the brightest teams and developers are up to.

My contribution has mostly been in the initialization phase of HXRC. I’ve been planning the implementation with key stakeholders, team building and arranging the premises and funding for first years of HXRC. At the moment I’m not that much in the operations, but more in advising role. I feel that my first priority is to enable the super duper HXRC team to carry their work with minimum extra hassle.

My special skills are BBQ, People and Project management. Maybe there are also some business development abilities. My working background is quite diverse. I’ve worked 10+ years in ICT industry, founded and chaired a startup and for the latest years managed an RDI unit of Metropolia UAS.


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