Match XR 2023 offers a glimpse into the future of XR and the Metaverse

Jan 10, 2024

Match XR 2023 showcases the latest in VR, AR, and Metaverse developments. Bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts for an unforgettable experience.

Match XR 2023 attendee trying out a XR headset.

Photo: Riku Niemelä

Capturing the pulse of XR innovation and Finland and around the world, Match XR 2023 succeeded again in bringing together industry professionals, enthusiasts, and students to explore the latest in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Organized by the Helsinki XR Center in collaboration with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Match XR has become notable in the XR industry as one of the popular pre-Slush events. Match XR is supported by several key partners: Business Finland, Nokia, and the European Enterprise Network, and is organized as a part of the Finnish AI Region (FAIR) initiative, a prominent hub within the European Digital Innovation Hubs Network (EDIH). Additional backing comes from Origos, Angel Films, Formlös, and Bistro Bryk. During the last seven years, Match XR has developed to be the biggest one-night event in the Nordics dedicated to XR and emerging tech. (Read more about the previous sessions of Match XR)

Match XR 2023 into the Metaverse and beyond

Match XR 2023 kicked off with the launch of ”the Metaverse Initiative by the Finnish Ecosystem”, a pioneering project headed by Business Finland. Supported by over 400 members of the Finnish ecosystem, including leading companies like Nokia and KONE, this initiative aims to propel Finland’s Metaverse industry to a projected €30 billion by 2035. The event offered attendees both in-person and online insights into Finland’s strategic direction in Metaverse development.

Keynote speeches from experts like Steven LaValle and Jani Vallirinne outlined Finland’s Metaverse strategy and future goals. The program also included presentations on various aspects like technology enablers, societal integration, healthcare applications, industrial uses, and business networks, highlighting the comprehensive approach Finland is taking towards integrating the Metaverse into various sectors.

Photo: Riku Niemelä

Match XR 2023 offered a dynamic and comprehensive overview of current trends and advancements in the XR industry. The event featured the ”Virtual Creation Core (VCC)”, a joint project between HXRC and Yle aimed at fostering growth and innovation of virtual production in the creative industries and shaping the future of the Metaverse. It also showcased an impressive array of exhibitors, representing the diverse and innovative landscape of the XR world. Participants had the opportunity to engage with 67 exhibitors, specializing in various sectors such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Web 3.0, Metaverse, Blockchain, 3D Spatial Audio, and Gaming. The event program was curated to cater to a wide range of interests, featuring insightful talks, interactive workshops, and hands-on experiences.

The event’s content and program were designed to provide a high-level summary of the state of XR technology, fostering a space for learning, networking, and inspiration. The exhibitor area served as a buzzing hub where participants could explore the latest innovations, while the event program offered a rich selection of sessions on various aspects of the XR industry. This combination of exhibition and programming made Match XR 2023 a comprehensive and immersive experience for everyone involved in or interested in the XR field.

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Match XR 2023 was bigger than ever

The Match XR 2023 event marked a significant milestone in its history, reflecting the growing interest and expansion of the XR field. Spanning a duration of four hours, the event attracted an impressive turnout of 1300 attendees. This diverse gathering of participants included industry professionals, educators, artists, enthusiasts, and students, all converging to delve into the world of XR. The exhibitor space was alive with 67 exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge innovations across various domains and included international representation from China, Austria, UK, Estonia and India.

Adding to the event’s dynamism, the matchmaking area hosted 101 speed meetings, facilitated by the Enterprise Europe Network. This segment of the event proved to be a hotspot for networking, with 221 registered participants from 33 different countries engaging in rapid-fire meetings. These interactions fostered new connections and highlighted the global appeal and reach of the Match XR event as a key player in the international XR community.

4 Hours

67 Exhibitors

1300 Attendees

101 Speed Meetings

Helsinki XR Center & Metropolia’s XR Design Degree

The resounding success of Match XR 2023’s speaks volumes about the dedication of Helsinki XR Center team, a unit operated by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. This team, a dynamic blend of multi-disciplinary professionals, stands at the forefront of XR innovation, driving the industry forward with their passion and expertise. Their commitment to advancing XR technologies is evident in the detailed planning and execution of Match XR, fostering an environment ripe for learning, development, and networking.

Helsinki XR Center serves as a multifaceted hub and an incubator for talent in the fields of virtual and augmented reality, catering to a diverse group that includes artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, students, and enthusiasts. Beyond offering resources like office space, equipment, and mentoring, HXRC is instrumental in connecting Finnish XR startups with the broader XR community. The center not only organizes various networking events such as Match XR but also engages in numerous research, development, and innovation (RDI) projects in partnership with universities and other organizations.

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Formlös virtual production studio open doors at the Match XR 2023 event.

Photo: Riku Niemelä

At the heart of this event was the Arabia Campus of Metropolia UAS, aptly known as the ‘Creative Campus.’ This location, steeped in industrial heritage and artistic innovation, resonated perfectly with the ethos of Match XR. Metropolia’s XR Design degree program, strongly linked with the Helsinki XR Center, brought rising stars to the event. Here, talented students in XR design demonstrated their skills in creating immersive XR experiences, games, 3D modeling, and artistic production.

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Attendees were treated to a unique experience, engaging with the new generation of creators and gaining firsthand insights into the future of XR from those actively molding it. The Arabia Campus, a vibrant center for Culture and Arts at Metropolia UAS, offered an ideal setting for an event dedicated to the avant-garde realms of XR design.

People trying out XR devices at the Match XR 2023 event.
Formlös virtual production studio open doors at the Match XR 2023 event.

Photos: Riku Niemelä

Coming again in 2024

Match XR is set to return in 2024, promising to maintain its focus on the forefront of Finnish XR and emerging technologies. The event will continue to feature a blend of exhibitor booths, casual mingling, and pre-booked meetings, staying true to its core concept. However, there might be surprises in store to enhance the experience even further. The next edition is scheduled for Tuesday, 19 November 2024, strategically planned for the day before Slush. The planning for Match XR 2024 is already underway, with a particular focus on securing sponsors and partnerships. Those interested in being a part of this exciting event are encouraged to reach out early.

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Match XR 2023 photos

Photo: Riku Niemelä

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