Match XR 2021 – Experience Finnish XR on 17-18 November!

Oct 6, 2021

The future of metaverse, the VR concerts of Nightwish – the Helsinki XR Center invites you to join us at Match XR 2021, the biggest XR industry event in the Nordics! The event will be held over 17th and 18th of November in AltspaceVR and through a YouTube livestream.

Match XR 2021

Mark down your calendars, because Match XR 2021 is coming – this time extending over two days on the 17th and 18th of November. Please join us for the biggest XR (extended reality) event in all of Nordics!

Match XR continues the tradition of Match Up, bringing the AR/VR community together for the 5th year in a row. In its first years, Match Up gathered hundreds of XR professionals and enthusiasts for speeches, panel discussions and demo booths. In 2020 the world went virtual, and so did the newly-named Match XR. Over 900 people turned up for the event in the beautiful virtual venue, the VR Pavilion Finland.

This year we take a step towards the normal, as the first day will feature speeches and panels delivered from our live venue in the new Arabia Creative Campus. Also for the first time ever, the event will be held over two days, with the second one entirely in AltspaceVR.


The program in short

The event will be held over two days, the 17th and 18th of November starting at 10:00 EET. The first day will be streamed from Helsinki XR Center’s live venue, and the second day will be held entirely virtually.

Day 1 will feature presentations held from HXRC’s live venue and streamed to VR Pavilion Finland in AltspaceVR and YouTube, live mingling for startups and companies. We will also be unveiling the winners of the Testbed Helsinki XR challenge.

The highlight of the day will be a panel discussion about the future prospects of metaverse, starring such industry experts as Urho Konttori from Varjo, Vesku Paananen from Microsoft Finland, and Anttoni Vesterinen from Immersal Ltd.

The day will also feature several exciting keynote speeches: Laura Olin from ZOAN will show us behind the scenes of virtual concerts they produced for Nightwish, Michael Barngrover will share practice thoughts and advice on designing social VR platforms or hosting events in them which he has gained while working on #ZeroEvents, and a delegation from the University of Portsmouth will lift the curtain on their work with Dream.

Get to know the speakers on the Match XR 2021 website >

Day 2 will have presentations and interviews held in the VR Pavilion Finland and its Partner Worlds in AltspaceVR and streamed to YouTube. There will also be online mingling for anyone interested in the industry.

See the full program on the Match XR 2021 website >


Explore VR Pavilion Finland and our Partner Worlds

Have you already had the chance to visit the VR Pavilion Finland? You might be up for a surprise! Sometimes bigger is better, but we have redesigned VR Pavilion Finland to be smaller, friendlier and better for mingling. Keep an eye out, because we will be putting out a post on the redesign of the virtual space by Metropolia’s XR design students.

The venue consists of two spaces. The main area is the VR Pavilion Finland, which you can access with the code UFP219. There you will find an information desk, a little gallery, and space for mingling. On the ground floor you will find a teleport to the Aurora Amphitheater, which will serve as a stage for presentations. You can follow the program or its stream in the pavilion, or on YouTube.

Read more about the venue on the Match XR website >


From the main pavilion space you can also teleport to one of our numerous partner worlds and explore their technological, artistic and other endeavors! Some of them will also feature representatives from companies and organizations, so you will be able to chat with them avatar-to-avatar.

Get to know our partners on the Match XR website >

How to attend

1. Register for the event on Eventbrite

2. Choose how to attend:

Virtual Reality: Join us in VR Pavilion Finland on AltspaceVR. It is advisable to download AltspaceVR on your computer or headset and set up a profile beforehand.

Code for AltspaceVR app: UFP219

Event on the AltspaceVR website >

Livestream: Watch the event through the livestream on YouTube.

More about registration on the Match XR website >

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