Startup Checklist by NewCo Helsinki now available

Oct 9, 2019

Oki Tåg from NewCo Helsinki provides a Startup Checklist coaching program for teams through the Helsinki XR Center.

Oki Tåg - Startup Coach from NewCo Helsinki.

The Startup Checklist coaching program is a service for idea stage startups. The startup team or the founder of a startup meets a mentor 1-3 times in three months. It helps the the team founder to clarify their potential in creating scalable business and tackle challenges in three key areas: team, idea validation and market. The methods used are based on self-reflection supported by the coach. The process is guided by a self-reflection tool. At the Startup Checklist coaching program, the team or founder receives the mentor’s recommendations for next steps.

Service areas and steps


Teams or founders:

  • Examine and reflect the entrepreneurial readiness, motivation and level of ambition of the team or founder.
  • Agree on concrete development steps.
  • Validate the most useful ideas.
  • Clarifies the risks of the venture.
  • Ensures that the team or founder understands the risks and validates a risk assessment.
  • Figure out the competitive landscape.

Coaching takes place at:

Helsinki XR Center, Hämeentie 135A, 4th floor, Helsinki. Further contact information here.



Oki Tåg (Oki on LinkedIn), Bookan appointment with Oki.

Steven Balliano (Steven on LinkedIn), Book an appointment with Steven.

There is room only for 25 teams only (’first come, first served’). So not to miss this! Book your appointment as soon as possible!

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