Meet the HXRC team: Aleksis Karme

Aug 2, 2019

Meet Aleksis Karme, HXRC’s Advisor. He is also a researcher & CSO of Teatime Research Ltd. and has a paleontologist background.

Aleksis Karme, HXRC's Advisor.

I have three decades of experience in gaming, two decades in 3D modeling and over one decade in 3D scanning in all its’ forms. Being a researcher in the University of Helsinki, paleontologist from background, I’ve accumulated good connections in the science world around the globe – problem solving and new tech playing fundamental role in my research.

I’m also a co-founder and the CSO of Teatime Research Ltd., a Helsinki based XR company. As a curiosity for science buffs, I was featured in Nature careers and I build chewing robots with real teeth.


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