You, us and the Finnish XR industry – let’s connect at Match XR 2022!

Oct 26, 2022

An expo space featuring the newest and coolest in Finnish XR, emerging tech and metaverse. Speed dating with big companies and small creators. Drinks, food and creating connections in the bar & lounge. Join us on the 16th of November, when Match XR 2022 brings together key players and enthusiasts of the Finnish XR scene!

Two staff members at Match Up 2019

Match XR 2022 ◆ 16 November 2022 ◆ 4–8 PM ◆ Helsinki, Finland ◆

In 2017, when the XR scene and its surrounding technologies were only emerging, we kicked off Match Up – a pre-Slush get-together to celebrate the achievements and bring people together. It’s been 6 years. We’ve changed names. We went virtual for a few years. We went independent.

Now we’re going back to basics with Match XR 2022:

  • Slush side event: stop by as a part of your startup tour!
  • Expo area with over 50 exhibitors: experience the works of Finnish and Nordic creators and developers!
  • Networking: meet people – live!

Oh, and as always – it’s free.

Is Match XR for me? 

Yes it is!

If you’re a professional, this is your opportunity to mingle and find partners. If you’re a student, you can find inspiration – or a future workplace.

Never even worn a VR headset? Even better! At Match XR you will have an opportunity to try out a bunch of them, as well as use your mobile device for AR experiences, and learn what AR, VR, XR, metaverse and all the other strange words stand for.

Trying out a VR headset at Match XR

Who else is coming?

Based on our previous numbers (750 in 2019) we are expecting up to a thousand visitors from all around the world – stopping by as a part of their Slush week program.

On the other hand, our exhibitors represent a wide variety of Finnish and European creators, from artists to hardware giants to XR consortiums. To find out more, check out our line-up below or visit the Match XR 2022 Expo Area!

I’m in!

Great! Then we will see you on the 16th of November between 16 and 20 in the main entrance of Metropolia UAS’ Creative Arabia Campus – Hämeentie 135 D!

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Main organizer: Helsinki XR Center.
Powered by: Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Supported by: Business Finland, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council and 3ES.


Several people trying out headets at Match XR

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