HXRC Newsletter: October 2023

Oct 1, 2023
HXRC Newsletter May 2023

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Dear XR professionals, students and enthusiasts greetings from the Helsinki XR Center!

In this newsletter we will be sharing many of the exciting things going on at the Helsinki XR Center: the Exhibitor Open Call for Match XR 2023 is now running (until Oct 6th), and the Generative AI themed FIVR meetup is happening at the Helsinki XR Center on this Wednesday on Oct 4th (read more & register).

We share a bit about the three large-scale European research projects we are part of, the Virtual Creation Core initiative which we co-founded this year with Yle, and the creation of Finnish National Metaverse Strategy, in which we are also taking part in.

We’d also like to remind you about HXRC Network, and at the end of this newsletter you can find information about the Guide to Buying XR (XR-ostajan opas).

We wish you enjoyable reading moments!


Exhibitor Open Call

Match XR 2023 is looking
for exhibitors!

!!! APPLY BEFORE FRIDAY (Oct 6th) !!!

If you are in the business of VR, AR, MR,
AI, metaverse, web3, blockchain or
anything similar, come present your
work to industry peers, possible
investors & curious audience at Match
XR 2023! Participation is free of charge.

Turbiini Broadcast image


Generative AI themed meetup by FIVR at HXRC

October 4th | 17:00–20:00 | Hämeentie 135 A, Helsinki (3rd floor)

Finnish Virtual Reality Association (FIVR) is endulging us once again with a
community meetup! 🎉 This time we’ll be covering nothing less than generative AI:
discover practical uses, explore its role in production processes, and discuss its
creative possibilities and limitations.
In addition to mingling and free food & drinks, we’ll be hearing insights from two speakers:

⭐ Paavo Happonen from Teatime Research Ltd: “AI for Creative Industry Today”

⭐ Adas Slezas from Aalto University: “Character Animation in VR – On Data and
the Algorithm”

The event is organized together with Helsinki XR Center and supported by the Finnish AI Region (FAIR).


Turbiini Broadcast image

Match XR 2023 is coming on 29th of Nov!

November 29th | 16:00–20:00 | Metropolia Creative Campus, Hämeentie 135 D, Helsinki

Match XR is an annual Slush pre-event focusing on extended reality (XR), Web3, AI,
metaverse and everything in between and beyond.
As the biggest one-night XR & emerging tech dedicated event in the Nordics, Match
XR creates an overview of the current Finnish XR & emerging tech scene, and brings
fresh start-ups, industry veterans, investors, students and other tech enthusiasts

Discover potential cooperation partners
and new contacts from the industry via
1-on-1 speed meetings!

Experience amazing XR & new tech
solutions of up to 50 Finnish

Enjoy the great company of hundreds of
fellow emerging tech enthusiasts with a
drink or two!

A National Metaverse Strategy reveal, a
peek at Formlös‘ virtual production
studio and more!

Match XR 2023 is organized by Helsinki XR Centertogether with Metropolia UAS. The event is supported by
the Finnish AI Region (FAIR), Business Finland, European Enterprise Network, Origos & Angel Films.


HXRC Network logo wih the text "(What network?)" on top of a picture of a colourful graffiti by Mike Leggat (aka Cyan Eyez). The graffiti is an imitation of the index fingers of two separate beings almost touching, from the famous painting "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo, but in this graffiti the other hand is a human hand, and the other hand is a robot hand.

Virtual Creation Core: Uniting Pioneers,
Expanding To The Virtual

The Virtual Creation Core (VCC) is a Finnish collaborative initiative established in
2023 with the aim to foster innovation, accelerate knowledge transfer, and push the
boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of the Metaverse, XR, and virtual creation.

The VCC offers an opportunity for hands-on experimentation and real-world
development that can redefine creative industries. With Finland’s best SMEs and
innovators, VCC aims to put Finland at the forefront of extended reality, virtual
creation, and creative technologies.

The Finnish Public Service Media Company Yle and Helsinki XR Center are the core
actors, and founders, of Virtual Creation Core.

A person wearing a pair of VR glasses.

HXRC is taking part in three large-scale European Research Projects

Helsinki XR Center is part of three large-scale European research projects: SKILLBILL,
TEF-Health and Palliakids.

SKILLBILL is paving the way to different forms of training and education to meet new
skills requirements in renewable energy solutions sector, and to involve new
stakeholders to the field. HXRC is creating several VR- and mobile solutions to be used
as part of Masters- and VET-level courses.

TEF-Health develops testing and evaluation facilities around Europe to carry out
health related experiments in physical or digital labs. HXRC will be collaborating with
HUS to create digital testing solutions on Metropolia UAS’ Myllypuro campus.

Palliakids will develop new digital solutions and interventions for children and youth
dealing with palliative care, their families and the professionals treating them. HXRC
will participate in the development of mobile service platform, and create a VR
training software for professionals.

All projects are funded by Horizon Europe.

Finnish National Metaverse
Strategy is in the making:
Released at Match XR!

Helsinki XR Center is participating in the
creation of Finnish National Metaverse
Strategy, led by Business Finland, during
this spring and summer of 2023.

Santeri Saarinen from Helsinki XR
Center has been co-leading the working
group on consumer metaverse together
with KooPee Hiltunen from Neogames.

First draft of the strategy is complete,
and final results of the National
Metaverse Strategy will be presented
at Match XR 2023 on Nov 29th to
international audiences. Save the date
for Match XR 2023 & secure your
tickets now!


Networking at Helsinki XR Center premises. One person is talking standing up, and others are sitting and listening.

HXRC Network: Discover and connect with the best XR solution providers from Finland

HXRC Network is a networking platform
that was created to fill the gap between
XR providers and customers in Finland.

The platform helps customers with their
search for the right company to help
them with their XR related wants and
needs, and for talents of the XR field to
find their next projects to conquer.

The network consists already of over
440 members and 190 organizations.

If you are a Finnish XR provider, or
looking for XR providers, but do not have
a HXRC Network profile yet, we highly
encourage you to create one right away!

Networking at Helsinki XR Center premises. One person is talking standing up, and others are sitting and listening.

Establish fruitful
connections through
matchmaking at Match XR

Just like every year, at Match XR you will
have the opportunity to participate in 20
minute 1-on-1 meetings with other event

Speed meetings are a quick and easy way
to meet new potential cooperation
partners and contacts in the field of XR
and other emerging technologies.

This year the matchmaking at Match XR
is sponsored by Enterprise Europe
Network (EEN). EEN is a familiar
collaboration partner for Helsinki XR
Center, as they provided matchmaking
for Match XR also in 2019. With the help
of EEN, matchmaking (and Match XR) will
reach an even larger, and more
international, audience!

The booking of meetings start on the 1st
of November, but registration for Match
XR 2023 matchmaking is already open.


Fresh from the oven:
Guide to Buying XR

During the last few months, the HXRC
crew stitched together the Guide to
Buying XR (XR-ostajan opas). This
short publication was designed to be a
guide for individuals who are intersted in
utilizing XR, but are not entirely certain of
where to begin.

The guide was published as part of the
Assisting XR Entrepreneurs Forward
(AXE4) project, and it is available both in
Finnish and English.

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