Anarky Labs launches AirHUD

May 20, 2021

AirHUD is a new application that uses Augmented Reality to display critical information to drone pilots, enabling them to perform safer and faster operations. It also allows drone deployment at night, operations at distance and will allow behind an obstacle flights or without a spotter.

Anarky Labs AirHUD application in use. A person in black clothes is standing on green grass wearing VR goggles. The hud is presented in a visual form around him.

Augmented Reality for drones

Anarky Labs launches AirHUD, a solution that, by using Augmented Reality, revolutionizes the way information is shown to professional drone pilots. AirHUD shows vital data like drone position, direction, battery and GPS statuses in the air, where the drone is. By using the information of the Digital Twin of the world, the pilots are given a new way of understanding their surroundings, showing obstacles, allowing night flights or enabling spotterless operations. AirHUD is first available on Microsoft HoloLens 2 and supports selected DJI drones and controllers, later adding support for various other drone platforms.


Long-awaited solution

Launched in May 2021, AirHUD, is a solution that drone servicing companies have been waiting for a long time. Specifically designed for industries, this application offers new possibilities for controlling the drones in demanding environments. AirHUD makes it easier and faster, for inspection teams for example, to gather data and make informed decisions, quickly, safely and accurately. It indeed provides an unrivaled efficiency in data collection, by cutting operation times thanks to the unprecedented situational awareness. It also allows pilots to stay away from hazardous areas on industrial sites and enables them to perform more precise operations.


Early Access Program

AirHUD is available through an Early Access Program: during a set period companies included in the program can benefit from all existing features and influence the future developments. More information can be found on the company’s website, and on the product website


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