Guide to Buying XR – XR-ostajan opas

Aug 24, 2023

Introducing the Guide to Buying XR (XR-ostajan opas): This compact guide navigates the reader through the process of utilizing XR in their own project – from the inception of ideas, to immersive explorations, and finally, to the procurement of expert XR solutions. The guide is available both in English and Finnish.

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Helping both XR novices and XR experts

Crafted with simplicity in mind, this guide is tailored for those who possess a curious fascination with XR technologies and want to use them in their own projects, yet don’t know where to start.

The second angle of the Guide to Buying XR (XR-ostajan opas) is to promote the talent that we have in XR-related companies in Finland. This guide is published as a part of Assisting XR Entrepreneurs Forward (AXE4) -project. The aim of the AXE4-project was to generate new services and tools for extended reality startups and companies in the Uusimaa region. Overall, these services helped them to revive from the Covid-19 crisis and to develop their business.

What’s inside

Guide to Buying XR (XR-ostajan opas) is separated to three different sections:

1. Brainstorm, 2. Explore and 3. Buy.

In the first section, we laid out a handful of questions to spark thoughts while the reader brainstorms their initial ideas.

The second section encourages the reader to explore and find existing solutions. In addition, we recommend them to test available devices. The guide also summarizes what XR is about and how one can experience extended reality.

The final section includes information about the skills and talent that is needed for building an XR solution. The section also highlights how buying expertise from a company can help in the process of acquiring XR solution.   Additionally, we have compiled examples of resources needed for different scale XR productions. At the end of the guide, we have also added some information about funding and networking.

Feel free to share the pdf guide to anyone who might be interested in a slightest way of utilizing XR in their project or work environment!


Steps for byuing XR


This article was written as a part of the AXE4 (Assisting Enterpreneurs Forward) project and funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Helsinki XR Center is a part of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ RDI unit.

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