For the XR industry, the time to evolve is now

Mar 19, 2020

At this point it’s useless to ask whether we need software for remote collaboration. The more pressing questions are: Who can provide them for large masses? Which software includes the required tools to support remote work or education? And how to efficiently start utilizing these when the users have no previous experience on the subject?

A human face with eyes covered by a glitch effect.

So while the situation with COVID-19 is as it stands now, us as participants in the XR industry should offer our assistance to the general public, to assist the world at large to continue their work, school and social gatherings remotely as soon and as effortlessly as possible.

To do this, we also need to come together as an industry, not as competitors, but as sources of information to be able to compare, evaluate and evolve the tools that exist and the ones currently being created. If we can do this, there’s a chance we can make remote work and education the norm in the future, with or without a pandemic running wild.

With love,

the Helsinki XR Center team

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