Playing Yle Oppiminen’s Mysteerijuna!

Feb 1, 2024

Have you already played the game Mysteerijuna released by Yle Oppiminen?

We are having so much fun helping the little bot solve the mysteries of the train and have had even more fun supporting the creation of the game! This has been one of our exciting partnerships with Yle in addition to our flagship collaboration on the Virtual Creation Core (VCC).

Our team consisting of – Emmi Isokirmo, Juho Puurunen, Saara Sariola, Julia Hautanen, Leo Virolainen and Santeri Saarinen – spent much time in the spring and summer of last year, developing 3D art, props, animations and environment.

Emmi Isokirmo, the 3D artist lead commented: “Being a part of the development was a great experience and I’m really proud of what we were able to achieve. The end product looks even better than I had hoped. In early development our biggest obstacle was the optimization. The game was supposed to run on low-end devices but also to look really good. I worked closely with our 3D trainees and helped them when needed.”

Juho Puurunen, the Development Lead said: “I had a blast making that game! We worked closely with the Yle Oppiminen team as WebGL specialists to optimize the gameplay for mobile browsers, also our trainees made the beautiful arcade level, and some of the mini games in that level.”

Julia Hautanen, one of the talented trainees who was in charge of 3D props and Animation, and who has since become a more fixed member of the HXRC team, noted: “It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of making that game! They had already made the gray boxing and some of the codes for the games, I started to design and implement 3D-models based on the instructions made by the Art Lead. I made the 3D/2D and animations for some of the game components and levels.”

Saara Sariola, who was also a trainee at the moment and worked on the 3D environment of the game, said: “Being a part of this project was a very exciting opportunity and a great learning experience. Creating optimized environment art and 3D props was entirely new to me, so being tasked with the arcade and library levels taught me a whole lot! This project really highlighted the importance of teamwork for me, as I probably wouldn’t have gotten far without the help of the rest of the team.”

Also check out Leo Virolainen‘s article about his experience in developing some of Mysteerijuna’s components!

Looking forward to new playful challenges and exciting collaborations!

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