Introducing XR Hub team: Darades

Jul 11, 2022

This is Darades, one of Helsinki XR Center’s Developer Hub teams! They are creating multi-reality, artisan crafted products.

Garry Normoyle from Darades showing off his multi-reality product.

Photo by Jose Velasco.

What does your team do?

We are Darades, and we are creating multi-reality, artisan crafted products.

What is the idea/mission behind your team?

To build a community of artisans with traditional handicraft skills who will design and build customisable products – and connect them with people who want a unique, authentic and truly their own interior for whichever reality that they want to exist in.


Tell us about your team members!

  • Garry Normoyle, Founder and CEO. Garry is designing the furniture that will be the first products in our Digital Showroom.
  • Tom Ahola, CTO. Tom is our technical guru, who is making sure that everything we are building works flawlessly.
  • Harley Earl, Head of Creative. Harley is our blockchain expert and is working on how this technology can be utilised to help artisans sell their products.
  • Barbara Jerko, Unreal Engine developer. Barbara is the one building our amazing Digital Showroom.
Darades Logo

What project are you currently working on?

Darades is currently building a Digital Showroom that will allow customers to select, customise and purchase furniture for their homes and other spaces is whichever reality they choose. We are also working on linking Non-Fungible Tokens to traditional handcrafted products to act as authentication letters.


When and why did you decide to join Helsinki XR Center’s XR developer hub?

Darades joined Helsinki XR Center’s XR developer hub in 2021, and the team has come together since joining HXRC. We joined because we felt that there was nowhere better to build and grow this company.


As a part of the XR Hub, how has your experience been so far?

The support given to the Dev Teams is great: we have virtually everything that we need to develop a product, grow a team, find and cultivate great relationships with mentors and industry professionals, and build a successful company.

We would love to see more pitching events where the Dev Teams can tell people about our ideas and get real-world feedback.


What is the most interesting or exciting thing about extended reality?

For us it is the possibility to define and redefine what our real-world capability can do – we are all pushing the boundaries of what people know to accept as normal.


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