Business Finland’s Advisor coaches startups and companies towards international growth

Oct 19, 2019

Olli Sinerma offers startup coaching and helps companies in the Arabia district to apply for Tekes funding, as well as coaches them for international growth.

Olli Sinerma – Business Finland Startup Coach.

Senior Advisor of Business Finland, Olli Sinerma helps startups and companies in Arabia district to apply Tekes funding and coach them for international growth.

Olli Sinerma is the Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Virtual Reality Association (FIVR) – and a Senior Advisor at Business Finland, focusing especially on the funding of entertainment and technology products.

His background is in the gaming industry, as he has worked previously as a game producer, designer, reviewer and teacher. In addition to digital games, he spends his spare time playing board games, poker and badminton.

At Helsinki XR Center, Olli Sinerma represents the interest of the state, as he spars teams towards international success and he usually sits in our co-working space on Wednesdays.

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