FIVR WebXR Meetup

15 March 2023

Come meet your peers and hear what’s cooking in browser-based XR these days and what to expect from the future of immersive web tech!  Time to turn our gaze towards the WWW! 

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About the event

Time to turn our gaze towards the WWW!

WebXR – browser-based VR, AR and virtual worlds – has taken significant steps forward in recent years and brought immersive interactive experiences closer to mass audiences than ever before with easy accessibility and wide device support.

WebXR has many advantages, but also shortcomings when compared to solutions made with Unity or Unreal, which are the more popular choices among XR developers. Let’s use this opportunity to hear about WebXR from experts and advocates, refresh our understanding of where the tech stands today, what kind of solutions are made with it and what the future of it looks like, as we are moving towards a powerful new standard that utilises modern hardware more efficiently: WebGPU.

We are lucky to have two speakers on the subject:

  • Fabien Benetou, prototypist and European Parliament Innovation lab WebXR consultant: Giving your virtual world a URL, advantages and pitfalls in early 2023.
  • Tommi Merelin, Chief Product Officer, Virtual Art Gallery: Democratising the global art market with online art exhibitions unlimited by reality and accessible for all.

After presentations, there’s food, drinks and mingling. As the FIVR tradition dictates and will never change, you are very welcome to bring your VR/AR demo to the event and show what you have made! Let’s keep the threshold as low as possible and encourage everyone to showcase their creations. If you need some hardware on the house, please fill this form.

The sponsor for drinks and food is the AXE4 – Assisting XR Enterpreneurs Forward project.


Remember to join the Helsinki XR Meetup group here to see all the future XR meetups! group is the place where we want to gather all XR related meetups happening in the Helsinki capital area.

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