FIVR Summer Meetup 2020: Virtually Live

16 June 2020
FIVR Summer Meetup 2020: Virtually Live

DATE: 16 June 2020 at 6pm–8pm
ORGANIZER: FIVR – Finnish Virtual Reality Association

TICKETS: Free of charge

In the last few months there has been a lot of activity in digitally produced live events, like Travis Scott performing in Fortnite and JVG at virtual Helsinki Senate Square, not to mention countless webinars, conferences, talks et cetera, which deploy various digital means from social VR platforms to Second Life -like virtual worlds to video conferencing to bring people together. This whole variety is often crammed under the concept of virtual reality: Is it an unwanted inflation of the concept or a much anticipated emergence in popular discourse?

Join the FIVR SUMMER MEETUP to discuss the practice and theory of virtual events! We’ll have short introductions into the following discussion topics:

  • Sami Heinonen, Zoan:
    Producing a virtual live concert experience with Unreal Engine.
  • Dr. Tuukka Takala, Waseda University:
    Making use of avatars and embodiment in VR
  • Jonas Rajanto, Grape People:
    When, and how, will meetings move into VR? Benefits and blockers.

We’ll also have a “trolling corner”, where you may safely and securely explore what is possible and appropriate in virtual interaction. With zero tolerance towards harassment, racism, sexism or any other form of hate speech.

Let’s figure out the practice and theory of ultimate virtual events!

  • What are virtual events, actually?
  • What is needed for virtual live production?
  • What creates the feeling of others’ presence in virtual reality?
  • How to make the users feel that they embody their avatar?
  • How does the avatar’s appearance affect the user’s behavior?
  • What is correct conduct and etiquette in virtual reality?
  • What is spamming or trolling and what is not, where do we draw the line?

The event will be streamed on Helsinki XR Center’s Youtube channel, where it will also be saved for later watching!

Organized in co-operation with Helsinki XR Center.

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