Despite of the COVID-19 setbacks, the year of 2020 has been very productive to our XR developer teams. In this article we open up what 2020 was like in the eyes of our teams, and show you some numbers – take a look!

Today we will be telling you a little bit about XR Hub team Imarre! This team is currently building a prototype of a children’s book which has Augmented Reality (AR) built inside the story. Imarre is concerned about the growing trend of children not reading enough books, as reading increases readers’ dialectics and prevents being credulous.

Helsinki XR Center team arranged something special for the XR Community in Finland – an experimental immersive technology conference – Match XR 2020. The event was held in 25 November in Virtual Reality. Over 900 people from all over the world attended the event.

Today we are introducing to you our XR Hub team called Flat Earth Productions! This one-person team by Timo Polvinen creates VR applications, and is currently focused on developing Virtual Art Museums. We asked Timo about his projects, why he became a part of the XR Hub, overall thoughts about extended reality, and more!

An article about Helsinki XR Center was recently published on a Finnish digital industry focused online magazine called IteWiki. It’s headline goes like this: Helsinki XR Center is a meeting place for Finnish VR and AR industry – “Without XR Hub our product development would be further behind compared to where we are now”

Let us introduce to you ur XR Hub team Path A! Path A concentrates on applying XR technologies to contemporary art, and their missio team’s mission is to research how XR technologies can be used when making or experiencing art.

This time we are introducing to you the XR Hub team called 361!

This one-person team by Timo Wright makes immersive 360/VR documentary films. Timo believes that VR and 360 can let the viewer immerse themselves into a compelling story in interesting ways – and we totally agree! Re

This time we will introduce to you our XR Hub team Skeleton Conductor! The team is working on a full body movement based XR Art experience called Skeleton Conductor, that allows one to express themself through sound and visuals in VR.

This time we will introduce to you our XR Hub team Sciar! Sciar solves the problem of insufficient and inaccurate data documentation of scientific research by bringing new technology to the laboratory, remarkably improving data gathering efficiency and quality, as well as enhancing human work and mitigating errors.

Next we are introducing AXiiO VR Studio, a XR Hub team formerly known as TheaterVR. AXiiO creates entertaining, realistic and emotional immersive experiences in a virtual reality storytelling environment. During summer 2020, we will be posting articles about our XR Hub teams on a weekly basis!