FIVR SUMMER MEETUP is happening on Tuesday 16.6.2020 at 18:00. Join the virtual meetup in Altspace to discuss the practice & theory of virtual events!

FIVR Spring meetup in AltspaceVR 21 April 4:30pm. Let’s talk about money! Short and long-term implications of covid-19 to XR business and finance.

The year 2019 was truly a busy one, but we couldn’t be happier of everything the year has given us and all the support we’ve got around the world. Now as Helsinki XR Center has turned one year old, we will take a moment to reminisce how the first year was like!

In Match Up – XR event hundreds of operators from extended reality came together in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Arabia Creative Campus on 20 November. The annual SLUSH pre-event offered international keynote speakers, dozens of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) demos and the possibility to have short 1-on-1 meetings between guests in Matchmaking session.