VR Pavilion Finland was handcrafted during the summer of 2020 to host Match XR and our future events in Virtual Reality.
Located in Altspace VR, it’s a beautiful, otherworldly and versatile venue that is inspired by the Nordic midnight sun, expressionism, surrealism and endless creative potential of VR. It couldn’t exist anywhere (else).

It consists of two spaces, the main pavilion and an inspiring presentation amphitheater. The main pavilion has an open community area for networking, smaller special meeting rooms upstairs and a teleportation zone into partner worlds on the ground floor.

Are you interested to arrange Virtual Reality event at our VR Pavilion Finland? Available for events after 25th November 2020.

Ask us more: info (at) helsinkixrcenter.com

HXRC Showroom

The pride of HXRC is the open demonstration area:

The XR Showroom. The ultimate goal of the HXRC Showroom is to test new XR devices and applications and to demonstrate the fruits of Finnish XR expertise to the world.

HXRC Showroom is one of the best places in Finland to experience diverse XR content.

Man standing in XR Showroom wearing virtual reality headset.

Four demonstration areas powered by Alienware 17 gaming laptops and Dell workstations with various VR and AR devices:

  • HTC Vive Pro
  • Varjo
  • Valve Index
  • Oculus Rift S
  • Hololens 2
  • HP Reverb
  • Samsung Odyssey
  • Oculus Quest (wireless)
  • Oculus Go (wireless)
  • iPhone for AR applications

More information: info(at)helsinkixrcenter.com

Coaching services for startups and young companies

Available in Arabia district – Helsinki, Finland

Olli Sinerma
Coaching – Olli Sinerma, Business Finland

Senior expert of Business Finland, Olli Sinerma sits usually in our co-working space on Wednesdays. He helps startups and companies in Arabia district to apply Tekes funding and coach them for international growth.

Contact to book a appointment:



Henrik Keinonen smiling
Coaching – Henrik Keinonen, NewCo Helsinki

If you are looking for growth funding, international networks or contacts, Henrik Keinonen (henrik.keinonen at hel.fi) from NewCo Helsinki is ready to help you, since he also sits part-time in HXRC co-working space.

Contact to book an appointment:


Turbiini Accelerator

Turbiini Accelerator supports early phase startup in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, while also acting as an in-house business accelerator for student-driven business ideas of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Contact to book a appointment:


Metes logo white
Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society

METES is a community which greets every idea and innovation with enthusiasm.

Our goal is to help YOU discover all the senses needed for your journey into entrepreneurship. We offer consulting, workshops, community, networking, and events in a flourishing innovative future.

Contact to book a appointment:

In Finnish write to
[email protected]

Only in English
[email protected]etropolia.fi

Special facilities & venues for XR startups and young companies

MultiCam Studio photo
Green Screen & MultiCam Studios

If you represent a XR or a gaming company you can reserve a professional 1-day setup of Green Screen / MultiCam Studio via us. Green background fabrics for walls and floor are movable and adjustable.

Pricing – lighting always included:

  • 400€ /day (VAT 0%) without multi-camera production tech.
  • 1000€ /day (VAT 0%) with multi-camera production tech.
  • 32€ per hour for studio technician (VAT 0%) .

The need for studio technician will be assessed individually.

Green Screen Studio services are provided by Live Performance Technology Degree programme. Metropolia Arabia Campus area, Hämeentie 161.

Do you want to know more about the studio specifics and pricing?

Contact: info(at)helsinkixrcenter.com

Photograpger studio with white background
Photography Studios

For XR startups and gaming companies, you can now book a Metropolia UAS Photography Studios through us. We have spacious and versatile studios in the heart of Helsinki, in Arabia. We have three separate studios (with the possibility to rent equipment). In the Metropolia studio, you can example shoot portraits and products. The studio also has a small green screen fabric. The studio is suitable for 10 people at a time.


  • 75€ per hour (VAT 0%). For XR startups – a 10% discount.
  • The requirements and price of a studio technician are assessed separately.
  • Invoicing is for full hours.

Photography Studio services are provided by Metropolia UAS Visual Communication Design Degree Programme, Hämeentie 135 D.

Do you want to know more about the studio specifics and pricing – Check out more info here.

Contact: tilavuokraus(at)metropolia.fi

Motion Capture studio

If you represent XR or gaming company, you can reserve a professional, 1-day setup of Motion Capture Studio via us.


  • 500€ (VAT 0%) half day
  • 1000€ (VAT 0%) all day
  • Prices include the studio technician and student assistants.

MoCap Studio services are provided by 3D animation degree programme, that is located in Metropolia Arabia Campus area, in Hämeentie 161.

Do you want to know more?

Contact: info(at)helsinkixrcenter.com

Metropolia Event halls with a large tv and chairs
Event Halls

Are you a startup or a young company? Looking for a venue for your events? Arranging a larger business meeting or a seminar? You can now book Metropolia UAS Culture Campus Event Halls through us. The Event Halls are suitable for hosting meetings of many shapes and sizes. Two separate venues, holding 60 people each, are located at Hämeentie 135 D, at Metropolia’s Arabia Campus. When needed, you can also get food and drinks organized through our Campus restaurant Luova.


  • 55€ per hour (VAT 0%). For XR startups – a 10% discount.
  • Billing always comes from full hours.

Do you want to know more about the Event Halls specifics and pricing – Check out more info here.

Metropolia also offers several other facilities for rent, including conference rooms, teaching facilities, multiple studio spaces and other special facilities throughout Metropolia’s four campuses in the metropolitan area.

Contact: tilavuokraus(at)metropolia.fi

Workshops for companies and organizations

To discover XR possibilities

XR breakfast

Duration: 2 hours, Maximum participants is 20 people

Content: A short introduction session of XR technologies including typical application areas. 

Major part of the time is spent in XR showroom, where all participants experience various different AR and VR solutions with differents headsets and devices.

Price: 950€ (VAT 0%) includes breakfast  

Contact: info(at)helsinkixrcenter.com

All day XR – workshop

Duration: 7 hours, maximum participants is 20 people 

Content: The full XR Day from 9 am to 4p with a workshop customized for your company or organization. This day includes a session where our tech experts introduce XR technologies and solutions opening up  possibilities for different industries via practical examples. After XR showroom session, we organize attendees into smaller groups and facilitate a co-creation workshop.  

Price: 3900€ (VAT 0%) includes lunch and afternoon coffee

Contact: info(at)helsinkixrcenter.com

Half day XR – workshop

Duration: 4 hours, Maximum participants is 20 people

Content: Half XR Day from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm with a workshop customized for your company or organization. This half-day includes an introduction session of XR technologies with typical application areas.  After XR showroom session, we organize attendees into smaller groups and facilitate a mini co-creation workshop. 

Price: 1950€ (VAT 0%) includes breakfast or lunch

Contact: info(at)helsinkixrcenter.com

Services provided by XR Hub Teams

Two men in front of big tv screen

A full day workshop aligns your team to move towards concrete decisions around your XR future in a collaborative setting. Fast track ideas into actionable first steps of your XR project.

XR Business Design Workshop

Experience | Understand | Design

Workshop takeaways:

  • Immerse in XR: Learn key concepts of XR.
  • Business Landscape: Review of XR markets and business models per industry.
  • Demystify XR process: Cost, team structure and time-line.
  • Conceptualise your needs: Facilitated concept creation with our XR canvases.
  • Roadmap and follow-up: Continue concept iteration with XR canvases and receive post-workshop guidance from our XR experts.

Radical Rabbit and Fabric have combined their understanding and experience of creating for XR with 20+ years of practice in design thinking, behavioral design, service and UX design in creating the workshop structure and canvases.

Contact us:


People standing in front of blue curtain smiling
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Are you interested in co-operating with us? Or maybe you’d like to visit us but did not find a suitable option above? We have a team who’d love to help you find the best way to meet us or work with us.

You can email us directly at info(at)helsinkixrcenter.com with your requests.


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