New technologies – New expertises – New pedagogy

PedaXR aims to create an international network which will study and develop pedagogical concepts and solutions related to XR.

PedaXR logo

PedaXR joins educational institutions and businesses together to test and use XR technology (extended reality). The goals is to establish methods of using XR devices in education by researching, developing and testing new ways of learning, teaching and delivering knowledge. Also, the aim is to give insight into future of education and related requirements for educational institutions, study materials and teaching methods.

In addition, PedaXR implements case examples of XR technology for testing extended reality devices in simulated or real work tasks. These case studies are done in co-operation with businesses and organizations to give valuable knowledge of real world applications of extended reality devices for people working at these organizations.

PedaXR key objectives

To build and create international research and development network on pedagogical models and solutions creating pilot cases for applying XR technology and an established model for networked project work.

To extend knowledge and skills of staff in educational institutions on potential uses of XR technology in education and teaching.

To establish collaboration between educational institutions and businesses in Finland and internationally by supporting and promoting the use of XR technologies and executing pilot case studies of XR content.

The role of businesses

Businesses are key participants in the network because they see first hand the changes and possibilities of rising technologies such as XR and can give valuable insight into practical use cases and needs in changing everyday work.

The value statement PedaXR supports the use of emerging technologies and creates solutions for innovative changes to the everyday work. PedaXR innovates and develops educational content for staff of educational institutions increasing staff expertise in XR.