Student Cooperation In Action!

Jun 29, 2019

This summer we develop two applications to assist teaching at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Students in red overalls trying out VR equipment.

With funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture, we recruited eight trainees, one game designer and four programmers, to work on the two projects for Metropolia.

First of these projects is an ambulance simulator, developed as the first part of larger learning environment on the Campus for Builders of Well-being of the Metropolia UAS. We develop a driving simulator, where students can train accidents and emergency situations and drive around the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The Ambulance simulator is controlled with a steering wheel and pedals while the driver wears a virtual reality headset, more specifically, HTC Vive.

The second project will be created to support a web-based course where students learn the basics of accessibility. We are currently developing a virtual reality application, where students discover the accessibility issues of the learning environment and use the tools available to fix these issues.

Find out more about our projects in the Projects section.

(Photo: Meeri Lehto/HXRC)

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