Meet the HXRC team: Ossi Hynönen

Jul 22, 2019

Meet Ossi Hynönen, the project assistant in the HXRC communications and events team and a man of many nicknames.

Ossi Hynönen, project assistant.

Introducing one of our producers – Project Assistant Ossi Hynönen! Ossi is part of the communication and events team. He is the one in our team who has many funny nicknames! Ozzy, Bozzy, Hynis, Hynönen and on & on…

Here are Ossis’s thoughts of work & summer plans:

“The best thing about working at Helsinki XR Center is mellow atmosphere and the best colleagues for sure! I’m part of the events and communications team. Currently I’m a second year Cultural Management student at Metropolia UAS. If I had to pick one of my skills, it would probably be creativity and I’m specific when it comes to details at my work. When I’m not working and studying I enjoy playing drums and skateboarding!”

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