Meet the HXRC team: Meeri Lehto

Jul 25, 2019

Meet Meeri Lehto, HXRC’s Project Assistant. She works with social media, graphic design, and is a photography professional.

Meeri Lehto, HXRC's Project Assistant.

The greatest thing about Helsinki XR Center is working together towards a mutual goal with all the wonderful and kind people of HXRC. Being a part of a nexus that wants to constantly improve the scene of XR is truly the best place for me! 🙌

I started as a Project Assistant in Events and Communications team in March 2019, and quickly my role shifted more and more towards marketing. Currently my main job is to maintain all HXRC’s social media channels in the form of planning and creating content, and later this fall I’ll take on the website as well! I also photograph and do graphic design when needed – in other words: I tend to involve myself in everything visual & creative! 👩‍🎨


My background

My “special skills” is mainly in visuality, as my hobbies have always been photography and drawing, and I have studied art & graphic design in the past. I’m also super organized by nature (… also a bit perfectionist!) and it has led me to management positions all my life. My greatest passion workwise is in branding: visual & empathetic marketing and customer experience. Currently I’m studying Cultural Management at Metropolia UAS on the side of working here at HXRC. 🎨

The things that keep me sane is spending time in the nature, having deep conversations and getting that daily dose of real good music! 🌿🎶 And in addition to my other creative hobbies, I love to watch great movies and series. Most of my spare time I am spending together with my family: my husband and 4yo wild little boy. 🦁


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