Meet the HXRC team: Kira Vesikko

Aug 2, 2021

Who makes the magic happen at the Helsinki XR Center? Meet Kira Vesikko, our Communications Specialist. They are in charge of websites, social media, and generally all the information about HXRC.

Kira Vesikko, HXRC's Communications Specialist.

Hey-oh! I’m Kira Vesikko, and you are currently in my domain. Websites, social media, visuals, emails – as the Communications Specialist, I am in charge of them all, and more. I have also appointed myself in charge of the office plants, of which we have plenty (plant-y?).

I joined the ride in May of 2021, along with our Events and Collaboration Specialist Essi. It has definitely been a relief to have someone to learn the ropes (and feel a bit overwhelmed) with. Together we make an unstoppable Events and Communications team, excited to already be planning the Match XR 2021 event among others.


Life at HXRC

Working at HXRC is an ideal continuation of my career, as it combines the fields of education and technology. After dicking around university for close to a decade getting my Master’s degree in Communications, I worked as a communications specialist at a student union, after which I spent 3 years doing comms and operative work in the games industry. Now I get to use that accumulated knowledge for the good of the people and the XR industry! And, what’s best, I don’t even need to sell anything to anyone (except tickets to Match XR – but they’re free, so please join us in November!).

The second best (no offense) thing at the HXRC is the team: a diverse group of true experts in their respective fields. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to trust and respect my colleagues, and that they pay me the same courtesy. It’s even fun to feel stupid sometimes, like when Santeri goes on a rant about Hegel, or Janina notices I have once again used an Oxford comma while writing in Finnish – we compliment each others’ strengths, making us a better team.


About me

While I enjoy work, there’s also so much to see and do outside it! Between reading horror comics, playing narrative-heavy games, watching dark comedies, obsessing over anime boys, then writing fanfiction or drawing fanart of the aforementioned… as well as playing a couple of instruments, dancing, renovating, sewing, and having somewhat of a social life, I don’t have a boring moment in my life. This may sound overwhelming, and I do indeed relax sometimes – by gardening (currently counting 110 pots indoors and 29 on the balcony) or drinking tea (currently holding 104 different loose leaf varieties, mostly flavoured black).

Though lately my time has been largely occupied by a puppy: feeding her, training her, and making sure she doesn’t much on my shoes. I picked up Pumpuli a month after starting work at HXRC, so it’s been quite a mentally overwhelming spring. Overwhelming, but awesome! We’ll make an XR expert of me yet, and a second official XR doggy (alongside Tiina’s Betty) out of Pumpuli.

In the meantime, you can follow me (and more importantly Pumpuli) here:

Contact Information

  • E-mail: kira.vesikko (at)
  • Phone (10-17 EET): +358 50 567 9238
Kira Vesikko and their puppy, Pumpuli.

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