HXRC Network: Make your Organization profile shine like a diamond

Mar 16, 2023

A well designed organization profile creates a much bigger chance in finding clients, starting cooperation and promoting your products within HXRC Network. By reading this article, you will learn how to elevate your organization profile to its full potential.

HXRC Network organization profiles

To bring XR providers and customers together, Helsinki XR Center launched a new networking platform, HXRC Network, in the latter half of 2022. The main objective of the HXRC Network is to collect stakeholders of the Finnish XR community together in one place to find clients, start cooperation, share knowledge, and promote their products. If this is the first time you hear about HXRC Network, we suggest you read the introductory article about the platform, and sign up to HXRC Network right away.

This article deep dives into the Organization profiles of HXRC Network: what are they, how do they work, and how can you make them as appealing as possible. To get information about other features, and how to use the platform in general, we suggest you browse through the HXRC Network Quick Manual.

Why is it necessary to create an Organization profile?

Organization profiles are the key elements in the HXRC Network. Although everyone signs in to the platform with a personal profile, only personal profiles that are assigned to an organization profile can use all of the platform features, such as create offers and requests.

You can think of it the way that organizations are making the offers and requests and trying to find customers and partners, not persons themselves. The persons act as representatives of the organization they are assigned to.

Ownership & Admin rights

Organization profiles can be created by anyone, and the creator gets the first admin rights to the profile. Therefore it is possible that one of your coworkers has already made a profile for your organization.

In the organization profile, admin rights of the profile can be assigned to specific people only, or to all team members.

Image shows organization profile settings called "Admin by default". Text in the image says "Turn on this function, if every user of your organization shall receive admin status". It also shows the function turned on with a green slider.
  • Please note: Only our HXRC Network platform admins can override organization profile admin rights. If you have any needs or questions regarding the admin rights of your organization, please contact our platform administrator: janina.rannikko(at)metropolia.fi

Assigning to an organization

On the left side of the homepage, under your name, you can see a button which says “Assign to an organization”. When you click the button, you have to search your organization from the database.

Existing organization profile

If someone has already created an organization profile for your organization, you can either do a verification with your organization email automatically or by getting an approval of the organization profile admin. If you choose the first one, you need to provide an organization email address and you will get a verification email. If you choose the latter one, someone with admin rights has to approve your assignment to the organization. Your organization admins will get an email notification of that.

In a case, where someone totally unrelated has created a profile for your organization, please contact our platform administrator and let’s solve the situation.

Creating a new organization profile

If you cannot find your organization through search, you can choose the button “Create a new organization” which has appeared to the bottom right corner of the page after using the search function. When creating a new organization profile, the minimum information you need to provide is:

  • Organization type
  • Organization subtype
  • Address (this can be skipped)
  • Web address
  • Short description (minimum 50 characters)
  • General email address

Tip: When you have added an address for your organization, it can be located on the map listing which can be used while browsing for organizations.

Image shows organization browsing function in the HXRC Network platform. The map listing function is turned on and it shows location of all 27 entries in a map of Finland.

Basic information

After creating an organization profile, you can add more information to it for better customer experience. It may be self-evident, but organization profiles should have the real name of the organizations and preferably its logo for a profile picture. However, this is not enough, if you really want to promote your organization.

The next step is to write a short, but descriptive introduction of your organization if you did not do it in the creation process. The limit is 1000 characters. To save time, you probably have a text to copy and paste here, but read it through at least once and think through if it really catches the audience you are reaching. Contact information is written in separate boxes, but you can also write contact information in the introduction, for example if you want to show more than one email address in the profile.

Note: When browsing for organizations, the search function looks for keywords also from organization profiles’ introduction field. Therefore it is important to add relevant words and phrases to the introduction to help users find your organization.

  • Request type: Requests can be made in different types. For now these types are: Investment Case Request, Funding Request, Solution Request, Partner Request, Project Request, Hiring Request and Other Request.
  • Request visibility: Requests can be visible, invisible or anonymous.
  • Contact information: If you desire to be contacted outside the platform, remember to write the contact information in the description section.
  • Matching tool: When your request is ready, you can see the matching tool calculating matches for you on the right side of the My requests -screen.
  • Expired request: If a request expires, please remove it.

Category tags and Custom Organization Type

Category tags are ready-made tags to typify your organization’s field of expertise. Category tags are chosen from the options provided, and the chosen ones will be visible as tags in your organization profile. When users are searching for organizations, they can filter the results by these categories. So if you want to enhance the chance of others finding your organization, add relevant category tags to the organization profile.

Custom Organization Types can be used to further specify your organization core competence. These keywords can be your own, or selected from existing ones.

Image shows a bar from organization profile editor that says "Type your Custom Organization Type". Under it two Custom Organization Type tags has already been added, XR and Digital Innovation Hub.

XR Companies listing for Finnish companies

If you want to get your organization in the “XR Companies (FIN)” listing, add any category tag that includes “VR” or “AR” (the easiest one is “VR & AR”) to your organization profile.

Image shows organisation profile editing page where Category listing drop-down menu is open. Three things are highlighted in the image: +Category-button, which opens the drop-down menu, search bar inside the drop-down menu with "vr" written in it, and category VR & AR.


In the Details section you can add information about your organization’s

  • Customer Problem
  • Customer Focus
  • Business Model
  • Technology Description
  • Market Description
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

The more you add details, the better potential customers and partners understand the core competence and solutions of your organization.

Video and other promotion material

It is possible to add a video to your organization profile. If you happen to have a promotional video, we encourage you to add it to the profile. In addition, you can add a Pitch deck or a presentation to your profile as a document.

As visual material always speaks louder than a thousand words, we highly recommend you to add as much visual content to your organization profile as possible!

With all these details added to your organization profile, you can start to add offers, requests and news on the platform knowing that if someone clicks your organization profile they will find all relevant information they could possibly need.

If you and your company do not already have a profile on the platform, we encourage you to create one and start networking right away!

If you need any help with the use of HXRC Network, please contact janina.rannikko(at)metropolia.fi.

For the common good, spread the word about HXRC Network! Only together we can help the Finnish XR scene shine, thrive and expand to new heights!

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